Learn from the world's best players

Once enrolled you will have access to some of the very best players in the world. Your online course material will include video, text and audio files. You will work through all the course material and take part in weekly activities that will develop your playing and help you define your style. You will have regular access to your Module Leaders and Head of Guitar who will guide you through your course and help with any issues or questions you have.

You can always contact the student support team if you have any concerns. We are happy to help with career planning, technical and musical issues, and academic matters. Our aim is to ensure that your experience throughout the course is positive and productive.

Here are some of the incredible artists you will be learning from….

  • Alex Hutchings


    Alex Hutchings

    World renowned guitarist Alex Hutchings is a truly unique guitar player whose strengths lie in his powerful and dynamic balanced playing and ability to master some of the most complicated techniques.

  • Marco Sfogli


    Marco Sfogli

    Marco Sfogli is an incredible guitar player, composer, arranger and mixing engineer. If you want to learn some incredible constructed solos then Marco is a great place to start.

  • Andy James


    Andy James

    For some time Andy James has been regarded as one of the UK's rising stars in the world of shred and metal guitar. Now he has undeniably earned himself a place among the best in the world.

  • Sergey Golovin


    Sergey Golovin

    Sergey Golovin is one of the rising stars of the guitar playing world and is fast becoming one of the most recognised players from Russia. With a unique and infectious playing style, Sergey will teach you licks to die for and tons of technique.

  • Jack Thammarat


    Jack Thammarat

    Jack Thammarat is an incredible guitar player with a huge following. We refer to him as the king of melody. Jack has the ability to write super catchy riffs that are beautifully structured yet full of great technique.

  • Denny Ilett


    Denny Ilett

    Denny is a self-taught musician from a musical family and prides himself in having an extensive knowledge of jazz and blues history, from their humble beginnings to the high art of today. Denny is a master of improvisation and the king of the one-take!

  • Martin Miller


    Martin Miller

    Martin Miller is a professional guitar player from Germany. He is a teacher, writer, composer and, of course, incredible player! Martin is a gifted composer and has bundles of technique to share too! You are in very safe hands with Martin.

  • Jan Cyrka


    Jan Cyrka

    Jan Cyrka is probably best known for three solo albums full of meaty guitar playing: ‘Beyond the Common Ground’, ‘Spirit’ and ‘Prickly Pear’. Jan is also the co-founder of Jam Track Central, so you couldn't be in better company!

  • Martin Goulding


    Martin Goulding

    Graduating from the Guitar Institute of Technology in 1993, Martin has become one of the foremost modern rock educators in the U.K. Martin is a published author, studio musician and even has his own app!